For Tenants

For Tenants

Holiday Rent

If you are looking for holiday accommodation, we highly recommend Sami Beach Hotelwhich is our sister company. It is a beautiful and quiet family hotel and it would probably be your best choice. For more holiday accommodation please use the search engine which is on the vertical menu on your left hand side.

Long-Term Rent

Before purchasing

Renting can be of great assistance for people before purchasing a property. By renting you buy your time finding your ideal location, at your leisure. Moreover, it enables you to become more familiar with the weather, the local community and life here in general.

Not sure or not ready yet?

Renting is also an ideal solution for people who are not sure or ready to move to Kefalonia for good. The length of rental for some of our properties is subject to agreement.

Ours, Yours and Theirs

This is a new concept we have developed based on schemes such as timesharing. Schemes like timesharing, however, commit someone to buy time in a property for at least 3 years.

What makes our concept different is that the whole idea is simply based on renting, not buying! Each tenant rents a property for at least three months and that’s all!

The benefits from choosing ours, yours and theirs include:

.  Risk minimisation
.  A relatively small financial outlay
.  No legal or tax expenses that you would incur in a purchase
.  No long-term commitments

It is as simple at it sounds! The only thing needed is a simple lease agreement with the landlord that specifies the length of the rent. If you are interested in “Ours, yours and theirs” scheme, please search through our available properties for rent and make an enquiry specifying the property and the length of time you would like to rent and we will send you a quote.