Our company in cooperation with Emporiki bank takes care of the application and approval of your mortgage for financing the building, completion, improvement, repair or restoration of a house.

We use our knowledge and experience to give you advice in order to find the best financing solution, with the lowest interest rates and monthly payments. Given that the building license has been issued and studying your tax statements of the last 3 years we can inform you whether you qualify for a mortgage before you apply for one.

The documents that you need to present to the bank for the approval of the mortgage are the following:

•  Copy of your identity card or passport
•  Copy of the tax statements of the three most recent years
•  The contract of purchase of the property
•  A certificate regarding any foreclosures , non-sales and non-claims from the     mortgage registry.
•  Topographic plan of the land
•  Copy of the building license

If you are developing your property through bank financing you are required to have insurance for your property, at least to cover the amount of the bank loan.