Our concept in development

Our concept in development

Our services do not stop with the sale and delivery of the property to the owner. We, at Doriza, help you to your next step and carry out the construction of your new home.

How others do it

Most developers usually ask for a fixed fee (e.g. 1,300 Euro) per square meter in order to provide you a home ready to “walk-in”. However, with this “package method” you hardly know how much value is actually added on to your home. Moreover, the choice of the fittings is price constrained to the developer’s specifications and usually the budget is exceeded.

We, at Doriza, have found a more transparent concept in property development: We build our customers’ homes at the current market cost of labour and materials and our fee is a separate one calculated as 20 % of the actual cost.

E.g: If the construction of a house amounted 100,000 Euro then our fee for undertaking the project would be 20,000 Euro.

Developing a property this way leaves our customers to choose the kind of fittings they prefer, at the cost they are willing to afford, without any constraints.

Our customers appreciate our concept in developing a property because they clearly know how much they spend for building their house and how much they pay us for undertaking the project.

One could argue that the higher the cost of the house, the more money we would make out of it. This is a fact, however, our role and intention is to defend our customers’ and their interests and not to rip them off.

Our family name, Doriza, has become reputable from our customers who are our best marketers and we keep working very hard for this.

The tasks that take place prior to the construction of a property are the following:

Discussion and specification of our customers’ needs .  Introduction to a reputable architect/civil engineer

  • Evaluation and amendments on the draft plans
  • Submission of final plans for the building permit
  • Power of attorney to us to act on the customers’ behalf
  • A contract of our agreement
  • A common bank account